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Our positive behaviour policy is based on achieving the best possible relationships between adults and pupils, pupils and pupils, and adult and adult.

In addition to these, each class develops their own Learning Codes at the start of each academic year; these are then signed by all of the children, displayed in the class room and in Pastoral Care.

Unacceptable behaviour includes:

  • disobedience to reasonable instruction;
  • biting, spitting, kicking, hitting;
  • swearing and foul language;
  • damaging property;
  • making unkind remarks;
  • answering back, rudeness or aggression to adults;
  • stealing;
  • racist comments;
  • forming gangs and bullying;
  • truancy.

We will deal with any bad behaviour swiftly and effectively, working with your parents or carers to help you understand what has gone wrong and how we can fix it together.