School Alerts


It is necessary for the school to keep accurate records of all attendance, absence and poor time-keeping.

We would ask parents to read the following guidelines. Please inform the school immediately if your child is ill or absent for any reason.

  • If a child is not present when the register is taken then a late/absent mark will be recorded and the school will then take immediate steps to ensure the well being of the child.
  • The Education Welfare Officer requires regular reports of the attendance of all children and may take steps to ensure that regular attendance and punctuality is maintained.
  • The school must be advised beforehand of all medical appointments so that accurate registration can be maintained.
  • Continual absence and poor time-keeping will be reported to the Education Welfare Officer who will visit the home to investigate.

Requests for absence during term time

Pupils who have medical or dental appointments during school time are not permitted to leave unaccompanied; in every case a responsible person known to the school must collect them. Please inform the office in advance of any appointments and the identity of the person collecting the child if not the parent or carer. Other applications for absence during term time will not be authorised.

The academy will continue to work with the local authority to address issues of poor attendance. The local authority has the power to issue fixed penalty notices in the most serious situations.

Barnsley Code of Conduct on the Issue of Penalty Notices September 23


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