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At Highgate we strive to provide a tailor made, thematic creative curriculum that engages and inspires our children whilst ensuring National Curriculum coverage. Each year, our curriculum is divided into six themes through which a selection of National Curriculum subjects will be taught. Our curriculum takes a skills based approach to ensure progression of skills in all subject areas. Underpinning the entire curriculum are the basic skills of Literacy, Mathematics and ICT. The children at our school are given every opportunity to use and apply their skills in these areas when studying a theme.

Each half termly theme begins with a motivating Entry point, often a visit or experience to immerse the children in the topic. To celebrate learning at the end of a topic, we like to invite parents to come into school to share some of our learning. We take an innovative approach to learning and are responsive to needs and opportunities that arise, so every term we will adapt and update our curriculum plans.

At Highgate, learning in all classrooms is underpinned by are a collective set of skills entitled, ‘Steps to Success’ which include skills such as ‘Understand others’ and ‘Try hard.’ When our children leave school at the end of Year Six we strive for them to be well rounded individuals with the habits and attributes of a good learner, together with the necessary literacy and numeracy skills to succeed in life whilst having experienced an inspiring curriculum which gives them every chance to succeed.


KS1 Topic Themes

LKS2 Topic Themes

UKS2 Topic Themes

Please find links below to our subject progression.

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Website 2018-19 Book-Based Literacy Curriculum

Book-Based literacy Additional Coverage Support

Highgate Primary Medium Term Reading Overview

Readers’ Workshop Weekly Overview

Spelling and Grammar information can be found in the documents below.

Highgate Spelling Scheme Year 1

Highgate Spelling Scheme Year 2

Highgate Spelling Scheme Year 3

Highgate Year 3 4 and 4 spellings

Highgate Spelling Scheme Year 5 and Year 6

Literacy Tree English Coverage Maps

Highgate Handwriting Policy 2018-19

Mathematics Objectives – Mastery







Art Skills

Computing Skills

DT Skills

Geography Skills

History Skills

Languages Long Term plan

Languages progression

Music Skills

PE Progression

Personal development

RE Skills

Science Year 1 2 Skills

Science Year 3 4 Skills

Science Year 5 6 Skills

Don’t hesitate to talk with your child’s class teacher if you want to know more!